Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grand Mound Rochester Horizons

May I remind you to keep a log of the hours you spend on any of the Horizons projects. These should be e-mailed to me ( ) at the end of each month for our records. Many grants require a certain percentage of the total project funding to come from the local community. Each of your "in-kind" hours provide approximately $20.00 toward this local project funding when applying for many grants. You may download and print a log form by going to this website:

Grand Mound Rochester October 29, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Grand Mound Rochester
October 29, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Chair Suzanne Brown at 6:43 PM

Those present were Lowell & Kathy Deguise, Donna Smith, Suzanne Brown, Bill Liddle, Bryan & Danette Jones, Joan Hitchcock, and Joe Baisch.

Joan Hitchcock moved and Donna Smith seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion approved.

Treasurer Joan Hitchcock gave Bill Liddle gas cards for his mileage for the training trip to Long Beach on October 16th. She also reported the application for the $1,500 grant from Northwest Area Foundation as part of the Horizon Program still needs to be completed. A discussion followed with the decision the actual wording is to be developed by Suzanne Brown and then faxed to Joe Baisch by Wednesday, November 4th. The money is to be used for the benefit of our community along with reducing poverty in the Grand Mound Rochester community.

Joe Baisch gave us a short report of things we might think about doing. He will expand on it in later meetings.

Committee Reports
Sidewalks - Lowell Deguise showed copies of the plans that were need for the three previous sidewalk projects in Rochester in front of his buildings. Lowell also reported on the meeting between personnel from Thurston County, Washington DOT, Rochester School District and himself talking about the safety issue surrounding sidewalks through Rochester. These agencies have no immediate plans to construct sidewalks any time soon but they are now aware Rochester will continue to pursue the issue with them. They basically tried to discourage him by outlining the many time consuming requirements, which must be completed making this a multi-year project. He is looking for an engineering company to provide a "pro bono" design for the sidewalk. There was also considerable discussion about the relationship between the Tribe and the Rochester community centering around how it might be enhanced.
Danette Jones related her disappointment over all the roadblocks she has encountered in trying to pursue swimming pools for Rochester. She asked if the property between the old Rochester School District office and the Post Office would be a potential and also who owned it. A lengthy discussion about other people, properties, and methods for seeking a suitable property. She was given suggestions on how to approach potential property owners about using their vacant land.

A motion to accept the Old Gate School Group as a Horizons committee was offered by Lowell Deguise and seconded by Joan Hitchcock, which was approved.

Danette Jones spoke about a pre-school proposal, which was tabled until our next meeting. She was given blank committee forms to fill out and bring to our next meeting for action.

It was decided our future monthly meetings would be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. November 19th will be the date of our next meeting.

The lateness of the hour prevented reports from the Farmers Market and Basic Computer Skills committees.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 PM

Respectively submitted

Bill Liddle
Grand Mound Rochester Steering Committee
P. O. Box 1162
Rochester, WA 98579