Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grand Mound Rochester Horizons Project Steering Committee Meeting, November 19, 2009

Grand Mound Rochester Horizons Steering Committee 11/19/09 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to order at 6:43 PM by Suzanne Brown

Introductions of those present: Suzanne Brown, Donna Smith, Joan Hitchcock, Domingo Zamudio, Bill Liddle, Janet Weaver

Donna Smith moved and it was seconded by Joan Hitchcock to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion was approved.

Treasurer’s report – No money yet so there is nothing to report

Sidewalks –Lowell Dequise is sick so there is no report on the Sidewalk committee.

Swimming Pools – No one to report on the status of the Swimming Pool committee.

Farmers Market – No one to report on the status of the Farmers Market committee.

Basic Computer Skills Class – Bill Liddle reported the second group of students is about half-way through the course. The next group will not begin until mid-January to early February. Anita McCoy at the Rochester High School will be contacted in regard to including RHS as a committee partner.

Old Gate School – Donna Smith commented the Old Gate School will be 100 years old next year and they are looking for ideas to promote the event.

Learning Center (Pre-school) – no report

Bill Liddle asked if the Rochester Independent Park could be included in the design by Jeanette McDonald’s students.

Domingo Zamudio commented that soccer is his main interest. He currently has 14 adult teams and thinks next year there will be 20. He is looking for an indoor place to play. This would give many youths an activity during the winter months. Donna Smith moved and Janet Weaver seconded adding his program of a soccer center to the program. Motion was approved.

The next meeting will be December 17th at the Rochester Library.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Respectively submitted

Bill Liddle
Grand Mound Rochester Steering Committee

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